Following a post-graduate course in Clinical Aromatherapy with international educator, Rhiannon Harris, I joined her in the organisation of Botanica2012, an international conference on clinical aromatherapy and plant therapeutics.

Held in Trinity College, Dublin in September 2012 it attracted delegates from over 35 countries. As a marketing consultant who has represented a wide range of clients over the years at trade conferences in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin it gave me the opportunity to be on the other side – on the organising side of a major international sector event. I gained invaluable experience in terms of planning, organisation and implementation for this major multi-stakeholder event.

Following on from the success of the inaugural conference, I was Global Ambassador for Botanica2014, which returned to Trinity College in September 2014 with considerable success. Both provided an international platform for aromatherapists, herbalists, researchers, scientists, medical professionals, producers and distillers of essential oils.

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This article was published on 11th September, 2015

Fiona Hedigan | Brand Consultant
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