Wellness Programmes

Wellness Programmes in the workplace

Is it time to try something new, something different with your team?

A recent study found:
  • Over 60% of workers are sleep deprived, they are tired going to work and low in energy.
  • Over 72% find it hard to focus on one task at a time.
  • 50% of absenteeism in Ireland is due to stress. Workers find it hard to relax and recharge.

Introducing a wellness programme in the workplace has a powerful effect – it’s a proven way to energise staff, improve individual performance, bring teams together and create an environment of positivity and focus that impacts directly on productivity.

I create bespoke Balance and Wellbeing programmes. It starts with finding out what an organisation needs, and then planning and implementing a programme based on agreed objectives.

These have ranged from developing emotional intelligence to managing stress, addressing behaviour and attitude changes to improving physical activity.

Organisations are made up of individuals – supporting those individuals with a wellness programme sends a powerful message of positivity.

My first workshop involved designing a customised wellness day for the Beacon Hospital Oncology team and since then has been used with excellent results in other sector.

If you would like to talk to me about creating a wellness programme for your team, email me or call me at +353 1 2300613.


An example of a wellness workshop

good-scents-flowerThrough my work as a clinical aromatherapist and trainer, I devised the GOOD SCENTS workshop. The aim is to create energy and focus in the workplace. Participants experience the powerful effects of plant based essential oils and learn how to combine the oils with a range of relaxation and breathing techniques to relieve stress, increase energy levels and sharpen focus.

The workshop is an informal, interactive and hands-on session. It can take place in-house or at an outside location.

The aim of the workshop is to help:

Did you know?

of workers are physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted, and lacking in meaning and purpose.*

What is your Quality of Life at Work?

HBR.org & The Energy Project (=19,900+)

  • Promote alertness, clarity and focus
  • Increase energy levels
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Relieve headaches and muscle tension
  • Boost immune system
  • Cope with jet lag and travel
  • Discover the positive effect that using the sense of smell has on mood and attitude
  • Learn something new to do that is good for stress and easy to build into work and everyday life.

If you would like to talk to me about creating a wellness programme for your team, email me or call me at +353 1 2300613.

What my clients say:

“Fiona devised a wellness workshop for 36 members of our Oncology team at UPMC Beacon Hospital Cancer Centre. It was an enormous success. The team of doctors, nurses, health care assistants and administrators found the workshop terrific for team building, learning, and relaxing.  The history and medicinal use of different oils was fascinating.  Our team experienced the positive effects of aromatherapy first-hand by creating their own signature oil under Fiona’s direction. Fiona’s workshop is designed to be hands-on, interactive and fun.  Our entire team enjoyed it, and it’s no surprise that Fiona is coming back to us again this year!”

Dr. Jennifer Westrup, Consultant Medical Oncologist, UPMC, Beacon Hospital, Dublin

“I have to confess that initially I was not the most excited trainee at Fiona’s workshop: oils and aroma?!? Can these be useful to run a company? It turned out to be an intriguing and valuable session. Learning about the benefits of the various essential oils, the breathing techniques and the research into restoring energy at work and in life was really fascinating. Fiona has a gift for communication.”

Philippe Gueniau, CEO, RICE Denmark

“Fiona ran a Good Scents Workshop for various employees in Glanbia. Fiona made everyone feel at ease and welcome which helped people to relax and enjoy the workshop. Prior to the workshop the attendees had no prior knowledge of essential oils; by the end of the workshop we had all learned the therapeutic and energetic qualities of each essential oil as well as knowledge and information on the proper use of the oils. The workshop was very interactive and we all got to make up an oil formula to take away with us. The staff have since gone out and purchased the oils and everyone seems to have a continued enthusiastic interest in learning more. The aroma of the oils and sense of calm in the office still continues, as the staff are now using them daily. I would highly recommend Fiona.”

Mary Banks, Glanbia – Consumer Products Division Dublin

“Fiona ran a workshop for the team here in the Chamber, it was fascinating to learn how through natural oils we could find support and answers for so many common ailments… not least a way of providing a balance to the stresses and strains of the modern workplace. Literally it was time out to smell the roses (and revive!).”

Gina Quin, CEO, Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Fiona Hedigan | Brand Consultant